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RIA Stock - real or fake? (WIN13)

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    RIA Stock - real or fake? (WIN13)


    I am looking to buy a Win13 M1 Garand, but I would like to know if the stock is correct.
    All the internal parts are WRA and all the drawing numbers are correct for a WIN13 M1 Garand.

    Trigger Guard: C46025W.R.A.
    Receiver: D28291WIN-13
    Trigger Housing: D28290-W.R.A.
    OP Rod: D35382W.R.A. (the OP rod was modified post war, a relief cut was added)
    Bolt: D28287-1W.R.A.
    The rear sights were replaced by the updated T105E1
    It looks like the outter barrel was blued

    On the stock, there are only 2 stamps:
    RIA EB and the P proof mark. No inspector cartouche or canons.

    What do you guys think? Is it possibly an "original" (unmolested since) arsenal M1 Garand? Or a put together m1 (correct grade)?
    Is it possible an arsenal stock without an inspector cartouche/canons?

    The rifle went through overhaul at the Rock Island Arsenal and EB was the foreman at the time. The stock was changed other wise the original markings would have been there. I believe RIA used SA parts to replace worn parts so I would say the rifle has been corrected by somebody at some time. A nice Win13 stock is going to cost you at least 1K if you can find one.


      oprod is win13. they will run 4-600 or so.


        Re: The barrel being blued

        It COULD be the Dulite finish.