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    early restoration

    ​ I found some photos of my first gas trap restoration, actually I started picking up parts of out curiosity starting with a early fluted gas trap cylinder in a box of parts at a gun show, soon after a early revision 1 bolt and a follower rod for a comp spring. The old manuals were a clue to other early parts such as the round firing and front ferrule with the lip. After Duff's first book, you had a very good idea what to look for plus trading back and forth with other collectors. I did get to a point where an original early barrel for my serial number range was for sale - but 10K back then was alot of money and I still need springs (my photo shows repro springs that I got from Rick B, exc working springs) and a few other small but expensive parts. Both months and years could pass before something you needed would surface.

    I then decided to restore late gas trap 1940 rifles after the purchase of an original 41k receiver from GCA member Irl Otte, also included were the early gas port rifles from the summer and fall of 1940.
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    An early fluted gas trap cylinder in a box of parts at at gun show? I wonder if you felt like you had been struck by lighting or just thought " this looks interesting". I love to hear those great find stories. $10k back then was real money, and I mean lots more than $10k can buy you now, heck gold was probably only a few hundred an ounce. I love Garand collecting, but doubt I will ever be able to afford a real gas trap. It was nice to hold a few anyway, can't have em all. Thanks for sharing. P.S. not sure if some of your pictures did not post.


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      The gas cylinder was one dollar ! there was another one but the back ring was cracked so I left it. I knew
      it was a Garand part but almost impossible to find data

      I was able to find some old gunsmith books from around 1940 or so that has some drawings of the gas trap
      rifle parts - that is when I noticed the shorter barrel length and scew on gas cylinder

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	35353 I don't think all my posted photo of the early gas trap restoration are showin
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      I see I received a close serial number., not with those parts though!!


        I sold this 16K last year, looked like original finish, had 7th round correction and a Buffalo Arms BA-13 barrel with exc bore. Stock was a Rock island rebuild SA GHS Click image for larger version

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