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    1943 Garand Stock Advice

    Hi All,

    Looking for some advice. There's so many different articles and opinions on the internet regarding this topic, but I figured I would see if there was anyone that could provide some recommendations on reliable areas to research or what to consider. I lucked out and my local FFL had a 1943 M1 come in on consignment. It's a 1943 Springfield CMP Service grade. The stock has quite a bit of scarring, (see picture below). Should I consider doing anything to it? Oil, cleaning, etc. Or Is it better to leave it untouched?

    I want to just make sure I take care of it, so I'm open to any and all advice, I am far from an expert on all of this, but trying to learn.


    Any original Cartouches on the stock? Rebuild or proof Stampings? If not, lot's can be done if you choose to do it. Or, you can leave it's history alone. It's really a personal choice. The stock could, however, be made to look almost like new with methods I have used many times in the past with non-collectable Garand furniture. See this thread on the CMP Forum: Zvenoman's Dishwasher Stock Cleaning - CMP Forums (

    And this one: Zvenomans Stock tips - CMP Forums (


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      Looks like a very subtle Cartouche on the stock, but almost unrecognizable at this point. Based on the price I got it at, I'm not surprised by that, clear and legible marks move the rifles to a far more premium price point. I'm leaning more towards leaving history alone. Appreciate the link. Ultimately, just want to make sure I take care of my piece of history and protect it or care for it the way I should.