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1943 Winchester M1 Garand

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    1943 Winchester M1 Garand

    Hello, I just picked up my first M1 Garand.
    I have an “almost all original” Winchester. Just missing the lockbar rear sight. But I’m also unsure of the stock. the only markings to be found on it is the “P” on the pistol grip. And slightly below are the crossed cannons, then under that “RA”
    Raritan Arsenal mark. Are there any tell tail signs of an original Winchester stock?

    Forgot to post the link to the thread;

    "Winchester Garand Stock Identification - CMP Forums"

    This thread on CMP may help you.

    That P is a rebuild proof mark and not an original proof mark. Plus, if I remember right, Winchester stocks do not have the cross cannon on the pistol grip and rebuild arsenals didn't stamp them. I suspect that Cartouche is left over from the original stamping and a Springfield stock. But, lots more pictures would be needed to be certain especially pics of the barrel channel and cut out on the back of the trigger group.
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      Springfield stock.