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War time rebuild?

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    War time rebuild?

    Hey guys
    I have a World War II October 1942 M1 Garand with a March 44 barrel and an unmodified, flat side -6 op-rod on it. I was told that M1 Garands Were rebuilt during World War II. I believe it was Guam in the Pacific and England in the European theater. What are your guys thoughts on this?
    thank you

    Rifles have surfaced with ordnance base markings on the barrel under the rear handguard. These have a code plus the date, most are dated 1944 or 1945. These rebulids units have been identified from Australia to Italy. Receivers that received new barrels would in most cases have the second proof firing P stamp on the stock, plus additional stamps that would indicate where the rebulding was performed.

    Without any additional information it is difficult to pin-point when your March 44 barrel was installed