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    Relic M1 Garand Buy

    I recently purchased a relic M1 Rifle which was found in Belgium which has a couple of interesting bits on it. Sadly ings been sandblasted prior to me buying it.

    Serial dates to November 1943.

    Parts are only:

    1. Receiver and barrel
    2. Gas cylinder with front sight
    3. Gas cylinder lock and single slot screw
    4. Operating Rod
    5. Follower Rod
    6. Follower Arm
    7. Follower
    8. Bullet guide
    9. Operating rod catch
    10. Rear sight grouping with Lockbar
    11. Clip latch
    12. Lower Band

    The interesting things are:

    A) Checkered Elevation Cap
    B) Saw Cut Gas Cylinder which suggests that this is not he for barrels which was made out of spec.
    C) Grooved Lower Band
    D) Later type long Follower Rod
    E) Obviously uncut Operating Rod but I cannot make the code out.

    The presence of the checkered cap and Grooved Lower band are very interesting as this is a rifle which has been there so gives another insight or perspective into the makeup of M1 rifles in the field during WW2.

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    Any pics Scott?


      Hi Mate I tried to upload some but it isn't working!

      Strange as it used to work fine!