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Interesting leather sling marking

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    Interesting leather sling marking

    The rifle in my photos is an early 1944 Springfield with a SA 2-44 barrel (nice bore and no chrome) everthing appears to be correct. Nice fiddleback walnut on both sides of the stock with cartouche.

    What is also interesting is the BT&BCO marked sling with brass hooks. Now I have seen BT&BCO marked WW1 slings but the stamp is smaller and always with a 1918 date, now is this a post WW1 sling or something Click image for larger version

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ID:	25159 manufactured in the pre WW2 period ?
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ID:	25168 I should post some additional photos of this 2.4 mil rifle Click image for larger version

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      The hooks were changed from brass to steel in late '42 if my rememberer is working ok. All late/post war GI slings I have encountered have steel hooks. My guess is it is a pre/early war sling. Just sayin'.....
      Pics of the hooks and rivets will help.
      I think the follower rod should be a long fork by '44.
      Terrific stock cartouches.
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        I have two BOYT 42 dated slings, one with brass hooks and the other with steel hooks.

        Would be nice to data the BT&BCO sling as it could be used on a 1940 or gas trap rifle


          Robert, your sling is a WWI sling from 1918. I can see the remnants of the 19 on yours or at least I think I can. Here is a picture of one like yours with brass hooks dated 1918. It was sold on eBay. Regards
          Click image for larger version

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            Thanks Curt, but the BT&BCO letters are much larger than the ones from WW1. Mine Click image for larger version

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ID:	25272 could be WW1 or post WW1, thought I could find some information on the internet.

            here is another photo plus some WW1 slings Click image for larger version

Name:	dscn1349_0011.jpg
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              note that the late WW1 slings all had inspectors initals under the contractor name

            Mr Peppers informed me that no M1907 leather slings were manufactured from 1918 to 1942


              Found the answer, manufactured by Belber Trunk & Bag Company in Philadelphia late or post WW1 period