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Early Gas Cylinder Valve Screws

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    Early Gas Cylinder Valve Screws

    To piggy back on Roberts early gas lock screw post here are pictures of the early valve that preceded the poppet valve. These screws were developed in 1943 for grenade launching and were issued with each M7 grenade launcher and a set of instructions as indicated in Mr Pyles book on equipment. Bill Ricca stated on his web site that approx. only 36K of these valves were manufactured and most were either lost or replaced over time. The first model was the unmarked screw (very rare), the rolled S, the hand stamped or scripted S, and finally the valves marked BS (unk). These open valves were soon replaced with the poppet valve which closed by itself when the launcher was removed.
    Click image for larger version

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    Photos show the early T59E3 sight carrying case, note it is without markings and without hook Click image for larger version

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      Cant believe what good condition those early gas screws are in, almost look unissued. The only one I have is pretty rough
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        Robert what is interesting is that the original T59E3 was paired with its unique instruction set too. When people find a T59E3 sight they normally pair it up with the later case and add the additional instructions from an M15 sight. Here is an instruction as well as some early ordnance papers regarding the development of the sight from Aberdeen.
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          Curt, Billy Pyle sent me the carrying case many years ago as a gift, did not have anything inside.


            Hmmmm, I need to check my sight case. I know it has the instruction sheet inside but I don't remember whether it has the belt hooks or not.


              Almost every infantry and engineer company had a box of M15 grenade sights in their arms room for their M1 rifles, few if any were ever installed or used. In most outfits, the M7 was isssued to a squad leader or assistant squad leader only. Basic Training with the M1 rifle included rifle grenade training using the M15 sight.

              M14 basic training did not have rifle grenade training although the M76 grenade launcher had been developed.


                Great info here, guys! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
                Welcome to the Addiction!


                  Click image for larger version

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ID:	24368 Photo shows US Army Rangers in Viet Nam, note the M76 on the M14 rifle. I would guess the M76 was used more for signal and smoke. Not alot of photos of the M14 with the M76 installed, there are some USMC photos too. Click image for larger version

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