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WW2 Buttplates

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    WW2 Buttplates

    Does anyone have some original rifles with bonafide ww2 Buttplates?

    I'm trying to train myself to identify them but it is very hard and I am not even 100% sure what one looks like!

    thank you!


    Post pictures of all your butt plates...both sides please.
    Looking for SA bayonet 1045220


      All trap door WWII butt plates will have a flat plunger.

      WRA butt plates the bottom checkering will come to a point

      Some WRA will be marked 2S on the back above bottom screw hole,some are not marked. The bottom screw hole will also be slightly off center.

      If there is no point to checkering and have flat plunger they are Springfield
      This is just a fast crash course its does get more detailed
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        Thabk you guys!

        I did know about the WRA 2S and have 2 if these but the Springfield one was confusing me terribly haha!

        thank you!here is a few pics if some of mine.

        left - right

        SA March 41
        SA Feb 45
        SA Oct 44


        Scott Click image for larger version

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