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4/45 SA Garand with a "GAW" cartouche

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    4/45 SA Garand with a "GAW" cartouche

    Hello all,
    New Member and Garand collector here. I recently purchased a SA Garand, the receiver of which is from 4/45. All the pertinent parts match that time period, except it came with a "GAW" cartouche, instead of what APPEARS to be a time period of NFR's. I have done a little research which suggests that it isn't a problem with an "early" 1945 due to the overlap (supposedly because the "NFR" stamp may not have been available right away, but I am concerned that it may have been swapped out and is not "correct" for the time period. What say you? Thanks for any input.

    I say to leave it as is. How early is "early '45"? No one really knows. Remember too, that stocks were not stamped as they were used, but rather when they were made, often months in advance and then put in storage and used as needed. Like every thing else, it was "first in--last out" in the storage bins and rooms. Who's to say it didn't get stuck in a corner some where and it FINALLY got used. The assemblers didn't care about "correct" or "matching" parts. All that was required was that a functional rifle was assembled. Like I said, leave it alone. You wouldn't be the first person to "correct" some thing on your rifle only to find out later that you e'ffed it up and should've just left it well enough alone. But hey, it's your rifle to do with as you see fit and if it gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling, go for it.
    The only thing certain about the M1 rifle is that nothing's certain. Another thing to remember is that a rifle is only "correct" or "original" ONCE--that's the day it leaves the armory.
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      Thank you Jon, great advice!