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Analyzing my newly acquired M1 Garand (1943)

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    Analyzing my newly acquired M1 Garand (1943)

    I have a newly acquired M1 Garand and since this is my 1st, I'm in the process of researching the details.

    This is what I have found so far but I'm always looking to learn, so I would be glad to hear any feedback.

    Serial Number dates this gun as December 1943. (22094xx)

    There is a CMP (eagle) stamp on the left side stock under the rear sight. (Very new looking stock - excellent condition)
    --> Was told that it was a DCM gun from long ago with a CMP stock.

    Stamp on the back of the barrel appears to be: 2-S-A-12 * 43

    Numbers on the top of the bolt: D28287 - 19SA 0-14A

    It's a beautiful weapon, just feels good in the hands.

    North Texas