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Strange marks on Garand stock - uppercase A and K158

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    Strange marks on Garand stock - uppercase A and K158


    I've wanted a Garand since shooting a friend's three years ago. This week, AIM Surplus had some on sale for $1350, and I snatched one. I field stripped it, and collected the following information along the way:

    ## serial number Springfield Armory 18108xx

    ## barrel S-A-9-46 // D35448-35-Y-227-B M

    ## op rod 6535382 SA

    ## trigger housing 6528290-SA

    ## receiver D28291 29 B7C

    ## bolt D28287-12SA S-06 (diamond)

    ## hammer SA D5546008

    ## safety SA 11

    ## trigger itself 14

    From what I read at - the serial number belongs to August 1943. And from - the receiver and bolt are correct for the serial number, while the barrel would be from 1946, the op-rod is from 1946 to 1957, trigger housing may be 1952 to 1957, hammer is 1952 to 1955. Is such a mix of parts normal?

    Also - as the subject says, the only markings on the stock are a small, faint capital A and K158 - pictures:

    I haven't been able to find any information on those markings . . . HELP !

    Thanks in advance !

    Rack number for inventory purposes. Nothing to get excited over.


      While that web site is easy to use and has alot of information it should not be treated as gospel as unfortunatly it has inaccurate information on it. How about some more pics of your rifle