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1943 Garand

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    1943 Garand

    Hello! I recently obtained the Springfield Armory M1 pictured here:

    I'm new to Garands, but generally pretty solid with researching. Here's what I think I know (using as the basic resource):

    The receiver dates to 8/43, as does the barrel. To me, it appears to be "in the white" (though the whole thing needs a good cleaning).
    The stock has a faint EMcF cartouche that matches the receiver date.
    So far as I can tell everything in the trigger group is correct to the time (no pics of that, sorry). The trigger housing, safety, and hammer have the correct drawing numbers for 8/43, and the trigger guard is milled with hole (but not concentric circles).
    The bolt is correct to the time (D28287-12SA O11A<>), as is the follower/slide ("11") and the bullet guide (indentations).

    The one big thing that's wrong is the op rod - it's clearly post-war (6535382-SA). The lock-bar sights are squared, not rounded, so may not be original? The gas cylinder lock screw has the cross-shaped slot, which may or may not be correct? I wasn't able to get it off with a flathead screwdriver without risking damage, so I couldn't fully inspect it.

    Am I reasonably safe in assuming that the receiver and barrel are an original set, not reparked, and not armory refurbished? Judging by the good condition of the receiver and the beat-to-heck stock, I'm guessing they weren't together originally.

    Is there anything obvious (or not so obvious) that y'all think I'm missing? If I get a correct op rod, am I basically at a correct WWII rifle?

    I appreciate your expertise, assistance, and any other information available for this piece of history.

    The square v. round end on the lock bar means nothing. What matters is the machining, or lack thereof on the underside of the bar. You'll find type II and type III with both round and flat ends.
    Just an FYI--the small ordnance wheel on the bottom of the pistol grip is an acceptance stamp for a stock NOT made at Springfield Armory. I have one on an NFR stock.
    Need pics of the gas cylinder lock as well.
    Be careful of the site you're using for your M1 info. It has a lot of misinformation on it.
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      Thanks! Any suggestions for better sources of information than the site I linked above?


        Your looking at one of the best sources right here. Very knowledgeable folks here with YEARS of knowledge. Me? I've been studying/collecting/shooting the M1 rifle for just shy of 40 years. There isn't too much (notice I didn't say "anything") I don't know about these rifles.
        Buy as many M1 books as you can afford and read them. Then read them again. Then again. Then again. Poyer's, Canfield's and Duff's books are all excellent sources of information.
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