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    Barrel markings

    Looking for help on identifying the maker of the barrel on my M1 Garand . Any info would be much appreciated.

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    I received this barrel today to sell on consignment, and I was told it's of Norwegian manufacture. Any ideas???
    Looking for 16" SA bayonet Mfg 1918, S/N 1045220


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      But the other thing that is bothering me is the sir. # on the receiver indicates that the rifle was built in 1955-1956 not to long before they ended production. The rifle looks almost new as do all of the rest of the parts. Why would it have gotten re-barreled?

    Thanks jak it has been driving me nuts


      the sir # indicate that the rifle was built in 1955-1956 (5966xxx) that would have been at the end of the line for production of the M1. the rest of the rifle looks like it has never been fired the stock looks almost new. Why would someone re-barrel it?

      Seem that this is somewhat of a rare barrel at least to some degree. Is it worth more or less is the barrel more or less accurate?

      I do see the direct resemblance to the stamp/cartouche on the barrel I just don't understand why. Anymore help would be much appreciated.

      Click image for larger version

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        Who knows what all the previous owners did. Maybe the original barrel was damaged. Maybe someone made more money by removing and selling the original barrel and then selling the garand with the Norwegian barrel. There could be dozen of reasons why the barrel was swapped out.
        As for accuracy, my Norwegian barrel wasn't any better or worse than any of my other barrels with the same T/E and M/W measurements.
        As for price, unless you find the right person, it is worth no more than a USGI barrel. Most garand owners that swap out parts are trying to make their rifles have all the correct parts for the time frame of the manufacturing date.
        As for rarity, I have seen them before, mostly from people like you asking "who made this barrel"
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        Looking for 16" SA bayonet Mfg 1918, S/N 1045220