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My georgeous "correct" HRA.

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    My georgeous "correct" HRA.

    Getting a rifle like this through luck of the draw does not help the addiction.... Early in the year I was holding onto hope of lucking out on an HRA to add to the goal of getting all the big producers... Well the Sticky seemed to do its job and then some!

    When I saw the serial number on the estore I was pretty excited. Then the wait began..

    Finally the day arrived and I ran out on my lunch break to pic the new addition up. Tossed the box in my car and headed over to the near by McDs for my "new Garand tradition" of a Big Mac fries and a Dr. Pepper. I make myself finish the meal before cracking open the case haha.

    So the time arrived and I opened her up. Well she was just dang amazing. These post war rifles can be so pristine sometimes even with being stored and shipped all over the place.

    Once I started digging into her I found that about the only thing I needed was an op Rod and a gas plug. Added those and now she looks complete.

    The stock is what I really fell in love with. Probably one of the best looking in my group and the best stampings too. Color is dark and rich. Very minmal handling marks.

    Not sure if people care about the HRAs much but this one is mine and I love it. Just wanted to share.

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          Sorry for all the pics.
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            Sorry for all the pics....what?? I want to see more!!

            That, my friend, is a fine-looking HRA you have. Just the right amount of wear to show that was used at least a little.

            Very nice!!! chug1>
            Welcome to the Addiction!



              Just glad nobody is asking me to have just one. Doubt I could make that choice.

              It's been a few months and I'm getting the itch again... Need to send off another order. Or five..

              It was funny went I sent a friend a pic of my rifles. He said "why do you need so many Garands."

              Lol it is an addiction but at least it's fun, not destructive (if you have the cash), and a solid investment.


                My weakness is post-war SA rifles but I could make a exception for that one very nice H&R! How does it run?


                  Pretty darn good. Need to get it out again as I have only been taking my match gun lately.


                    Nice rifle, I like H & Rs.


                      tu1> Oh yeah... CMP??? What grade? tu1>


                        Picked it up from CMP mail order as a service grade. Pretty great rifle that I doubt I will ever sell.


                          Nice looking HRA. What about the follower arm , follower rod and bullet guide?


                            Even so, nice for a service grade...


                              Originally posted by Orlando View Post
                              Nice looking HRA. What about the follower arm , follower rod and bullet guide?
                              Believe them to be correct but these small parts (even the big ones sometimes) confuse me.

                              Follower arm has the chamfered whole and I think the flat area on ears... Could be way wrong about it.. The follower Rod has the single raised area on the right only. And the follower/slide matches the finish and is not marked. Look good to the experts?

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