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    Markings mean ? ?


    Got a few questions for those in the know .

    1. An after war garand, SA receiver that has electro-etch letters on the right lower near the drawing # .... " RRAD 10 / 65 "

    Is this indicating it went thru a depot inspection / overhaul prior to storeage / sale to third world etc. ?
    1965 ? Active all had M-14's, Nat Guard probably a mix, and all ROTC programs still used the M1.

    2. Does CMP use a grading system for new wood stocks ? Is a collector grade better than expert grade ? how is it marked ?

    Finally got around to closely looking at a CMP expert grade I received back in June.
    It has many shaping tool marks, the grip cap is . . .a knot & very dark stain, a few small areas were not sanded enough . . they are fuzzy.

    The RRAD mark is from Red River Arsenal, so it went thru a rebuild there in Oct of 65. RRAD is in Texas. I'm not sure on the wood.


      No grading system on commercial wood. All commercial stocks can use some work to be made to look good, some more than others


        The reason I asked about the stock grading system . . . The one I received needs ( and is getting ) some help due to its color,
        shaper tool marks (large and small) a couple flat areas near butt plate, etc.
        I sent an email to the CMP to inquire about getting a replacement, or can I BUY a replacement.
        Sent a few pix of the issues, and receive a reply of "pictures reflect an expert grade stock & we have no control over this"
        ( so what does a collector grade stock look like ? )



          Collector grade, service grade, expert grade, etc are all made up terms by cmp to categorize their rifles for sale. To me a collector grade stock would be a USGI stock with the proper cartouches and stamps, no cracks and none or very minor dents or dings.

          Post some pictures of your stock.
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          Looking for SA bayonet 1045220


            Again, there are no grades of commercial stocks. CMP's reply meant thats whats the be expected on a Expert grade. As stated Collector grade stocks are USGI. All commercial stocks need some work, some more than others