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Safety of using a 11/53 barrel, that was tack welded to receiver?? IS IT SAFE???

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    Safety of using a 11/53 barrel, that was tack welded to receiver?? IS IT SAFE???

    Hello, a friend of mine has a SA 11/53 barrel that is in great shape, but upon close inspection, I can see where the bottom of the barrel appears to have been tack welded to bottom of receiver, for some reason. Someone had cut the weld and removed the barrel, and filled in the area where the spot weld occupied, and then ground the weld to look like it never happened. I could faintly see the outline of the weld, and when the shoulder of the barrel shank are, there is a tiny pin size hole that looks like where some slag had been.

    My question to the forum is, this barrel safe to use since it had the spot weld made?? I had seen this 40 years ago when I purchased a Springfield 1903-A3. Why and what was the purpose of spot welding to bottom of receiver ring. The barrel has a beautiful bore, and my friend wants me to list on Gun Broker. If it is unsafe, I don't want to get involved in something that is not safe. Any information and comments or opinions, would be greatly appreciated.



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    M1 Drill Rifles have the barrel welded to the receiver and gas cylinder welded to gas cylinder lock. The barrel came off a drill rifle. Check the chamber.


      You should have no problem whatsoever using that barrel unless there is obvious and extensive discoloration from the weld extending down the barrel from the repair. If it was just a tack weld you should be good to go. A posted picture of the area would be a big plus. Or send me a picture via email or PM. A good picture. Use the macro setting on your camera. Often, plugs were also welded in to the chamber so you need to inspect that and where the gas cylinder mounts for evidence of welding there. The one issue you might have with the barrel is that it may have been welded to compensate for an inability to index the barrel properly. I've seen D.A.'s weld barrels to a receiver to hold them in place that would over clock on a receiver (tighten past 12 0'clock). If that was done you'll never get the barrel indexed on the receiver properly.
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