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Type I National Matches

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    Type I National Matches

    In honor of the start of the National Matches I'll post these pics for those getting ready to head to Camp Perry. Pictured are two Type I national match rifles. The top rifle could possibly be one of the first NM rifles purchased at the National Matches, it was sold (documented) at Camp Perry in September 1955 and predates most of the articles written regarding NM rifles. The bottom rifle was also most likely a type I NM with original barrel but was updated with all the changes except a NM oprod. It was professionally bedded, and by the looks most of the other work could have been done at Camp Perry by the armorers. Both rifles are in excellent condition and the early unmodified NM appears to not have been fired after the proof testing. Have a great games if you attend. I hope to make it there as a spectator if everything works out.
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