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    National Match 30-06

    After WW1 there was much development on improving the accuracy of 30-06 ammunition. Starting in 1921, special head stamps were being used by both Frankfort Arsenal and civilian manufactures on their cartridges. The boat tail bullet and the M1 cartridge was also a result. Later most 30 cal was stamped with the NM but before that time many unique headstamps were used and few have survived for collectors.

    Some examples in my photos: I & P was Frankfort Arsenals loading for International Match and Palma Match, the Rem-UMC was a special 300 & 500 yard cartridge and the R on a headstamp indicated annealed case Click image for larger version

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    That's pretty cool. Never knew that. Is my memory serving me in telling me Peters eventually became Lake City? Sometimes the brainbox spews out weird factoids that I can't fully trust without asking a foolish question. Might be confusing something else with them.


      Peters was an old company that started out manufacturing gunpowder, Remington bought them in 1934 but the Peters headstamp continued.

      Peters developed a special Click image for larger version

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Name:	dscn2624.jpg
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ID:	28677 30 call belted bullet that had a band swaged around the bullet to control expansion, bullet was 225grs and was
      popular among hunters in the 1930's and 40's