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Sights, more work for the wicked...

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    Sights, more work for the wicked...

    In my collection of useless gun rags and books. I came across a blurb about making M1 sights better in Roy Baumgardner's "Precision Shooting With The M1 Garand". Roy's book is really just a collection of M1 articles from Precision Shooting Magazine in one location, however on pg. 49 he specifically mentions Buddy R. Salyer and a article he had written in the Apr 1988 American Rifleman, "Making The M1 Sight"

    So the hunt for the Apr, 1988 issue of American Riflemen began, and so for those of you looking for more detailed info and explanation than my hap hazard pic's and description can provide, Get That Issue and the fog will lift!

    Outside of the standard rear NM sight parts fitting that would normally be performed. Buddy explains how to epoxy the sight without gluing it all together, ball and detent the windage knob, shimming the sight base and the spec's of the extra spring that rides over the elevation pinion.

    In closing, I'm inclined and am convinced to think that this is really the Salyer Mod. and that McCoy provided this service too those that requested it be done on there rifle.

    Pic #1. This shows the boss that needs too be removed from the sight base.

    Pic #2. This is the added spring, slide it over the elevation pinion, its about 1in long wire dia is about .030 and will compress too about .25in at coil bind. You might have too trim the bearring surface on the elevation pinion if you loose any L side windage.

    Pic #3. Slide it in and head too the range.

    Special thanks goes' out too RDS, I didn't have the AR article however he has a rather extensive collection and answered the call and gave me the hook up.

    interesting, exactly what does it accomplish?


      This is but one part of Salyer's tricks, it keeps the windage threads in contact much better L/R than the small wave spring can accomplish.


        Originally posted by Phil McGrath View Post
        it keeps the windage threads in contact much better L/R than the small wave spring can accomplish.
        Has this ever been a issue?
        I in no way arguing just trying to understand what problem this mod fixes


          With the 3 day weekend upon us the mail is no doubt running slow but when the letter gets too you it will clear up many questions much better than I can explain.


            Thank you Sir