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H&R garand with lots of national match parts

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    H&R garand with lots of national match parts

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ID:	13051 traded for an H&R garand, 30-06, ser 46961xx, dates 1953, barrel is springfield 1-52 national match marked, rear sight is marked nm on base and knobs with hooded rear sight, front sight is marked nm, op rod is marked nm,bolt is H&R, gas tube is nm marked, and walnut stock is bedded in a reddish black color, don't have a muzzle gauge but m-2 ball sits a quarter inch out of the muzzle, trigger group is springfield. what do I possibly have?
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    Don't take this the wrong way I'm not picking apart your rifle, I'm sure its a good shooter. This is my opinion you have a collection of NM parts on a rifle that someone used for Service Rifle shooting. There were no National Matches from WWII until after Korea. While H&R had a barrel contract during Korea, there rifle production didn't come on-line until the end of hostilities, so a SA-52 barrel is not correct but a NM marked one is oh how stall I say this very bogus... There rear sight base is correct for a NM M1, however the hooded sight leaf isn't, a NM marked non-hooded leaf would be correct for this base. The NM front sight didn't come along until 1957/58.

    The op-rod is either SA or RA and while NM marked is original to no rifle they were replacements, nothing more. If it were mine I would shoot it and enjoy it for what it is, but I also can't leave anything alone at the some time. I would do a semi correct parts restore keep a few of the NM parts and enjoy.