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    TE and MW

    I understand TE fairly well. However Muzzle Wear seems to escape me a bit. I know that MW will decrease the accuracy. I hear it is caused by mishandling of the cleaning rod while cleaning. Is there a why to gauge the MW? I have been able to find TE gauges and you read on sale adds for Garands whet their TE is. However, it seems that no one talks or lists a gauged MW. Should I ask the seller about the MW or is it something that most Garand collectors seldom worry about? Again please excuse my ignorance... I am trying to fix that.

    Check the internet. I purchased TE gauge that also measures Muzzle wear. It was less than $50.00. There also separate MW gauges. Bad muzzles can come from improper cleaning and also
    launching a large number of grenades. Personally I do not have any M1s in my collection with bad muzzles.