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bullet guide B8875 on CMP for sale forum ?

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    bullet guide B8875 on CMP for sale forum ?

    A person called whiskey6eod claimed to have a bullet guide marked B8875 on the CMP parts forum last night

    as of this morning the post has disappeared ? anyone know anything about this part - it is quite rare

    Most likely sold fast! I have seen post last seconds.



      m1 internals

      bullet guides


        I talked to Paul the other day and he mentioned he had some early parts he was going to put up for sale. Might want to contact him if you are looking for anything



          I sold the B8875 (no dash)

          I still have a B-8875 bullet guide available. It is pre -1 (no revision). I have a -1 too.

          Thanks Bill!
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              My example of the -1SA bullet guide has the "angled cuts".


                Last word from me - I'm not into the early stuff - Brian and Bill can attest. I'd love to trade the lot (both bullet guides, milled SA lower band, early SA milled TG, -1 SA gas cyl as pictured (complete GC plus proper lock and screw, and it gauges serviceable - FS is proper width - no seal but early screw).

                I would be interested in a 6.0 receiver maybe late 5.9 if anyone has one - finish immaterial as long as it's not pitted. I have NOS post war SA barrels - but a proper bbl with little wear would save me time.

                If I should be in the "parts for sale or trade" area at this point - please move me. THX guys!

                [email protected]
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