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M1 Garand. Shooting Lefty in Rapid String--Rapid Reload

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    M1 Garand. Shooting Lefty in Rapid String--Rapid Reload

    I shoot from the "wrong" shoulder. I shoot XTC and JCG/GSM matches so rapid reloading from the prone position is a necessity. On more than one or two occasions I have run across the question from a lefty about rapid reloading from the wrong shoulder in the rapid-fire stages of the match. Seems they usually say it's complicated, they have to come completely out of the sling, have to load right-handed, then work every thing back in to place. Well, here's how I do it and it works. I've done it this way for 30+ years and have never had a problem with it, had "saved rounds" or had to rush to finish the string (80 seconds is a l-o-n-g time to fire 10 rounds). Here's how I do it:
    First of all, during your prep period, place the loaded 8-round clip on your left-side about where your shoulders are, outside of the rifle, pointy end of the bullets facing at the target. You'll have to experiment to find YOUR exact spot, but you'll find it in short order.
    After the first two shots have been fired and the clip has ejected, WITHOUT loosening your right-hand grip or sling or right elbow position, lower the butt from your shoulder and keeping the rifle straight up and down, rest the toe of the stock on your shooting mat (you DO use a shooting mat, don't you??) and SLIGHTLY roll to the right to keep your balance. Reach over your rifle, pick up the waiting clip with your left hand, and with your left thumb pointing towards the target and your left elbow high in the air, push the loaded clip straight down into the rifle just as a rightey would, only it's mirror-image to him. If the bolt does not close, or you have one of those M1's that needs a nudge to close, tilt the rifle to the left about 45* and hit the op rod handle with the heel of your left hand. Now that it's reloaded and everything is in battery, reshoulder the rifle and carry on. With practice, you won't be any slower than your right-handed competitor friends, and you won't have any saved rounds or have to hurry your remaining shots off.
    Try it, you'll like it. Trust me, it works.
    And, just for the record, I load my clips with the top round on the right.
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    Great info, Jon. Thanks for sharing!
    Welcome to the Addiction!