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M1 Garand April 1954

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    M1 Garand April 1954

    Hi, This is my first post on this forum. Due to the laws in England, and the rest of Europe, it is illegal to own most live-firing firearms.

    As a result, many people collect deactivated weapons, such as myself.

    I have recently purchased an M1 Garand, Springfield manufactured and marked. It was too late to have been used in the Korean War but I believe may have been used in the first few years of the Vietnam War. On the right hand side of the wooden stock it has been stamped with AA 59683. The rifle's serial number is 5342681.

    Would anyone have any idea which military Regiment, Unit etc this stamp mark on the stock may refer to. I am sure, from an information source I have since mislaid, that it was a U.S military unit in Vietnam.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated, thank you in advance,

    David Williams
    Swindon, England