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I just had to share this..

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    I just had to share this..

    Hey Guys,

    I was looking through some old emails and found one from a dear friend of mine who passed away a couple of years ago. He was a Rifleman who fought with my Dad in the ETO so I would often reach out to him with questions about just about anything WW2 related that they experienced. Anyway, I found this one which wouldn't be new to our experienced shooters here obviously, but some kind advice to me after I purchased a Garand. He was around 94 at the time he wrote this and was still very lucid which was great.

    "My rifle held up well, in fact all of our M1's held up well. After all I slept with it in my mummie bag. You could throw it in a mud hole and if the barrel was cleared it would still operate. I agree with General Patton, best weapon of all in World War Two. Have you put any rounds through your weapon? Some advice: On target at 25 yards will make it 3inches high at 100 yards, back on target at 3oo yards, and it will be 3 inches low at 500 yards. from there on out it is Kentucky shooting. Of course You have to adjust for shooting down hill or uphill. downhill aim low on your target, uphill aim high on your target,.goodluck on the rifle range."


    Thanks for sharing