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    Research ordnance records

    I am writing a research paper on the history and production of the Garand but not having much luck locating US ordnance records relating to Garand’s dealings with army. Any help would be appreciated.

    Garand didn't "deal" with Army per se. He was employed by Springfield Armory, i.e. he was a government employee on Springfield's pay roll. And because of that, he received $zero compensation (i.e. "royalty payments) for the adoption of his rifle.
    You might give the following books a try for what you're after:
    1) The Book of the Garand by Julien Hatcher
    2) The M1 Garand by Bruce Canfield
    3) The WWII M1 Garand by Scott Duff
    You also might contact the Springfield Armory Nat'l Historic Site in Springfield Massachusettes (the actual armory).
    Good luck on your endeavor. Keep us posted.
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