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    Interesting Safety

    This safety came to me last week in a big parts deal from a friend. It's heavily pitted, and has been blued after the corrosion took place. There's no tool hole, moderate milling / machining marks, and the bluing is very dark. The markings read: 50-554-6015 AFB

    Any ideas on which manufacturer produced this safety?

    Any other info to help me out with this??

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    Well I will take a stab at it, 4-6015 is the drawing number for the safety and I don't think its American, Danish or Italian. Looking at the stamping I would guess that its Turkish made and the reason is the stamping looks hand done with the spacing off, and not done with a roll die. That's my best guess...



      I found this on the CMP. I have seen a few post on there about guys receiving them. I have found that company. They are still around. Not to be confused with Sig Sauer. They do work with them from time to time though. I have contacted them regarding the safety. I'll let you know if I here back from them.

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        Thanks for the info, guys.

        I tried to search the CMP site and didn't come up with that link, so thanks for that.

        Yes, Sauer & Son in West Germany produced some Garand parts. Their bolts, apparently are not very well thought of and are said to have been made from inferior steel. very interesting all the same.

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          I had forgot about Sauer&Son and the 1 does have that Germanic look. But the Germans were super fussy about machining unless those are bad casting pits or inclusions from the forging process?
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            I have seen those before but never knew the manufacture