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    Wow! My son Greg and I went to Camp Butner, NC last week to see a South African friend shoot in the long range muzzle loading world championships. He and the ZA team did very well, the Americans almost as well. But, after the competition, on Saturday, Greg and I took him to the Cabelas in Raleigh so he could see more gun related stuff in one building than in all of the stores back home.

    I'm long past looking for used guns at Cabelas, but I could not believe my eyes. There was a 500K serial number M1 in the "Gun Library." The heel of the receiver was so rusted and worn that I could ONLY make out the SN. The stock looked like someone had run it over with a truck, multiple times. It had late sights, wide base cylinder, nothing at all on it that was interesting. The price was over $1500!

    They also had an '03 for a little under $1200, but I was in shock and didn't even pick it up for fear of dropping it.

    The Gun Library at the Cabelas in Fort Worth has about 10 garands....none of which dip down below $2000. They're insane, I really want to know who does the pricing in that place.