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M1 Garand Research Help Needed

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    M1 Garand Research Help Needed

    M1 Garand Research Help Needed.

    The title says it all. I'm doing extensive research into preproduction thru early production rifles and extending it to the end of WWII. I first started on preproduction, modelshop, and Gas Trap rifles but everytime I think I can get to a stopping point I have to go further because the research demands it. I have had the pleasure of inspecting several original early Gas Trap and Gas Port rifles. In doing so I have found some errors in some of the data sheets. I believe alot of the small errors are from not knowing the small differences in some parts, nomenclature at the time is different from now, or just mistakes in filling out the data sheets or in publishing. As an example, there are approximately 7 different Springfield follower arms and at the end of 1940 they used 3 different ones in just a few months. What we call a flatback follower arm has covered 2 to 3 different follower arms. So it can get confusing and sometimes frustrating trying to figure it all out.

    I'm compiling this data for a new updated book with alot of new unpublished information, especially with preproduction and early production Gas Trap through early Gas Port development, updated parts usage information with color pictures, and solid original data sheets. We've learned alot in the last twenty or so years and there is alot of information out there but it's not all in one spot which can make it very frustrating trying to figure things out whether it's looking at an original rifle or trying to figure out what to use on your restoration.

    What I need your help on is original rifle data. I've developed a very extensive and detailed data sheet for research purposes with the help of some very knowledgeable collectors.

    I'm collecting data on any and all original M1 Garands from beginning through WW2 both Springfield and Winchester.

    I'm also collecting information on Gas Trap through early Gas Port receivers and early Winchester receivers as well.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated, Paul 'Bubba1'

    Email, [email protected]