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    Garand Books

    The opp rod catch question below got me thinking. What are the best books to pick up on the Garand? Sorry if this has talked about before but there appears to be some very knowledgable people here who know the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Whats suggested?

    Current publications:

    GCA journals
    Garand Stand Report

    These current publications have very good older and newer information and articles.

    Older published books:

    M1 Garand (red book) by Scott Duff
    The Gas Trap Garand by Billy Pyle

    These books have good older information. These books are twenty years old and there has been alot of data found that adds to and sometimes corrects the information published. Remember any publication is only as good as the information that was known at the time of printing.

    I am currently working on a new book on the design, development, and production of the M1 Garand from the beginning through Gas Trap and early Gas Port production along with information and color pictures of part design and usage. This book will have alot of new unpublished information, updated parts information, and more data sheets on original rifles.

    Paul 'Bubba1'


      The Garand Stand Report is a very much overlooked publication.