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Needing help with my first Garand Purchase

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    Needing help with my first Garand Purchase

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    I was at my LGS yesterday, where I have a pretty good rapport with the owners. I was talking to them about my bucket list of firearms. I mentioned I really wanted an M1 Garand, and they told me they had one in their safe That they bought a few years ago and kept for their own personal use. In all the years I’ve been going to the shop I’ve never seen this gun on display for sale, so I have no reason to doubt their story. Because I am a long-time customer they said they would be willing to sell it to me and asked me to make an offer. I was not at the store for that reason, and I was not prepared or educated enough to make a real offer, so I offered what the CMP site had a service grade list at four, and they basically laughed, in the nicest possible way of course. Since I’ve only looked at the CMP site as a potential source of purchasing one in the past I have no other reference to go off of especially since I find most guns listed on gun broker are generally marked up significantly.

    I am hoping to get some information so that I can give a reasonable offer without offending my friends at the LGS. I realize I didn’t get a picture of the entire rifle, but the stock was in really good condition With no cracks or splits a few divots here and there, and the colors of the different components matched closely. There is a little bit of rust on the trigger guard and trigger. Here are the photos I did manage to get I would appreciate any input anyone may have. I realize it’s not a World War II era Garand, But I’m just trying to get my foot in the door right now. Can anyone help and guide me with a reasonable offer? Thank you.

    Sorry about the post layout formatting through a cell phone is difficult, And I don’t have access to a computer right now.

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    Looks like 1956 born on date based on the S/N for at least the receiver unless I read the chart wrong. Doesn't look like it was refinished at first blush, but I sometimes get thrown because I'm colourblind. Am I seeing a September 1950 barrel date? Looks like a Winchester made trigger group, but not sure if that's what would be there originally or not. Maybe some of the other guys can elaborate.
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      From what I see on my phone, the stock appears to be birch, not walnut. I can't make out the barrel markings or the heel stamps. The WRA (Winchester) would not have been used by Springfield. It's what's commonly called a "mix master" because of the mix of parts. Without seeing the internal parts or bore, it's hard to say. I'd offer $950 max. It's not difficult to get an M1 from the CMP. Just follow the instructions to a "T", be prepared to wait 2-3 months, and voila! You'll have a genuine M1 rifle at an unbeatable price.
      Just my two cents worth


        If they are selling on commision they need to give you some sort of idea what they are looking at getting. Asking for an offer from someone who doesn't know Garands is hoping for a high offer.

        That looks like a Walnut stock to me but a Springfield not HRA. There's really no way to give you an estimated value based on what you've provided. If you personally don't know what you are looking at, don't have the tools to make a realistic evaluation, are not getting help to do it from the shop owners then you stand a chance of getting, in a word, screwed.

        Barrel internal condition, throat errosion, muzzle wear, gas cylinder condition, op rod condition, headspace, barrel crown condition all factor in on whether you are getting something worth having or a POC dog that might look good but fail to make the grade miserably at any price. Buying 70 year old rifles from places that can't truely help you with all the above is risky business. And, people here really can't help much without the rifle in hand or without far more information and pictures than so far provided. The list of applicable specs that determine the value is extensive and would require the tools to measure and, at a minimum, a full field strip of the rifle, and the applicable books or on line resources as reference and ID assistance. No doubt it's a mixmaster. That could mean a value from $750 to $1500 depending on the results of the above. It could be a rifle that looks good but fail miserably function wise and be a wall hanger at best.
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          I appreciate all of the feedback. I ultimately decided not to purchase it or make any further offers in order to preserve our relationship (the store owner frequently gives me equipment, attachments, and accessories for T&E with my duty weapons). Not that I really think I would offend him so much that he would stop doing that, but I figured just better to leave it alone. I offered $1080 he said no, so I’m good with that.

          What I did do though is use some of my frequent flyer miles to fly down the CMP Talladega store. I was hoping to go to the Anniston store, but it’s closed to get caught up on shipping right now so I went to Talladega instead. The woman working the shop was very helpful, but their stock was down to about 20 to 30 rifles all of them were IHC 4 million gap letter or M1Cs. More than I wanted to spend, but I wasn’t going to fly halfway across the country and not buy one, or two...


            So what did you finally buy? And by the way, gap-letter IHC receivers were made by Springfield, as were the "Arrow Head" receivers.


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              I bought a field grade IHC and I bought an SA M1C