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Winchester serial number 100,001

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    Winchester serial number 100,001

    I found some old information from Billy Pyle concerning the front sight on Winchester 100,001. The front sight on this rifle had a spread of 0.785 inches later Winchester front sights had a spread of 0.830 inches. As to how long the smaller front sight lasted into the Educational Order is unknown

    I have been checking some Winchester gas cylinders with the drawing number D35449W.R.A. and find that if the original sight screw seal is still on the sight, you should have the original early variation of the front sight. I find these front sights to have a spread of 0.750 to 0.783 inches.

    Springfield front sights never had a spread into the 0.700 plus range and standard Winchester was 0.830 inches (IHC was larger)

    photos shows a Winchester front sight with the 0.783 inch spread Click image for larger version

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