My is John I live in Nebraska; this is my first post and going to be a little long. I have just acquired from a good friend a National Ordnance Inc. M1 Garand with an investment cast receiver. This is my 2nd M1 I also have a 12/42 DOB Garand which I have had for over 30 years. Way back when I first got this rifle it was splitting cases so off to the smith it went and got a new match grade barrel. The one thing I wish I would have done was gotten the original barrel back since it was probably original to the rifle.

In any case this one I just acquired from my friend has also been in his collection for over 30 years also. He is in bad health and decided to pass the weapon on to me. I had never heard of this manufacture, so I did some research and didn’t care for what I found out. After looking at the M1 Carbine history page where they talked about this company it looks like this might be one of 10 produced with this cast receiver. The rest appeared to be used on their “tanker Garand” model, it also looks like they made a bunch up from scrap receivers they welded back together.

Soon as I got it home, I tore it completely down, he also had issues with it deforming cases so it also got a match grade barrel. Other than the receiver & barrel the rest is all USGI parts some WWII and some post war. I could not find any markings on the stock so I will post a couple of pictures to see if any of you guys and ID it. It has an unmodified OP rod, late war lock bar rear sight the bolt post war and an HRA trigger housing with mostly SA parts installed. Everything else looks like it was probably war vintage parts. The machine work on the receiver looks ok areas are not as good as my USGI one but everything fits properly without any binding. I know the weapon shoots ok as my friend had run a good number of rounds through it. Now I have it cleaned and lubed properly I’ll will run it out to the range and give a try.

The Cast receiver doesn’t concern me as long as it was done properly since the rifle has been fired, I assume it’s ok. I also have a M1A and that has a cast receiver. If anyone has experience with these brands of M1’s let me know what you think. Here is a picture of the 2 of them together the original USGI rifle is on the left with the flash hider.