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Another Lend-Lease question

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    Another Lend-Lease question

    I recently bought this 388K Lend-Lease Garand and I have a three-day inspection period coming up as soon as I receive the gun. It has London proof marks on the 11-41 barrel under the op. rod. Maybe it'll look different in real life, but it's a pretty good picture and after reading several of the posts here, shouldn't I see at least a blurred proof mark stamped on the receiver? Is that one on the bolt? What else should I look for to help confirm it's an honest Lend Lease-gun when I get it in my hands? Thanks for any help!
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    London proof on right bolt lug, could be just a mark as the stamps soon were soon worn and the proof could not be read.

    Also right side of the receiver ring

    Do not have a photo


      Thank you for the information. Without those, would I assume the gun is a standard-issue gun fitted with a correctly-dated Lend-Lease barrel?


        here are photos of the right bolt lug and the receiver ring and BNP proofs

        The London proof included the right bolt lug and right side of the receiver ring

        I have seen both London proof and BNP proof barrels not in receivers

        Always the slim chance that the receiver Click image for larger version

Name:	dscn2711.jpg
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Name:	dscn2709.jpg
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Name:	dscn2717.jpg
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ID:	25420 and bolt were not proofed


          Thanks again. I sure appreciate the help. From the pictures of the gun I bought, it sure doesn't look there are any marks. The fact that yours show up plainly tells me they're not on my gun. I'll look it over when it gets here and go from there. I'm sure I'll have more questions at that point but I'll try not to be a pest with them.


            Hi mate I think I can see a very faint BNP proof stamp on your receiver ring however I noticed that your M1 has Type 1 Lockbar sights and I should have Flush nut sights so perhaps it could be one that someone has attenuated to put together!]

            I have been gathering a lot of Data on BLL m1s so looking forward to finding out any info you have!

            Beat of luck!



              Thanks for the help Scott. For your LL data collecting, if there's something in particular you'd like me to get pictures or measurements of after I receive the gun just let me know and I'll get them for you. Attached is a photo of the stamping on the barrel. I can't make out the first part of it but I see a "&", a "30", a "2-1/2", don't know, and then "18 TONS". It doesn't look like any of the other LL barrel stamping images I've seen so far online, nor like the one RCS posted. I know the lock bar is not correct for the gun. Additionally, it looks like the hammer and its plunger are not correct and the trigger guard is a -1 and should be -3, at least according to the parts lists I have for reference. Most of the other parts that I can see from the pictures look to be right though. It does have a correct and uncut op. rod, the bolt is the correct number & heat lot, trigger housing is good. Hopefully everything else is good as well. I'd like to not have to send it back, but we'll see. Anyhow, I appreciate all the help from you guys!
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