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Questions on Buying an M1

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    Questions on Buying an M1

    Just recently heard of the CMP. Sounds like the best place to purchase one.

    I sent them an email with questions but I'm not getting a response. I also registered on their forum: I can login, but it won't let me post anything. Hmmm.

    Maybe someone here can answer my questions.

    1. For the marksmanship qualification, they seem to indicate its not needed if you are over 60. But their wording doesn't seem clear to my thick skull, so I wanted to verify it
    2. The website says sold out for service grades. But the forum seems to indicate they're still delivering them. Should I go thru the process at this time to submit a packet or not?

    Thanks for any input and help.

    1) Yes, if you are over 60 you don't need a proof of marksmanship activity but still need to belong to an affiliated club and be a US citizen.

    2) CMP will say they are sold out and not taking any new orders because they have to get caught up on all the orders they have already plus supplying rifles to the North and South stores. So now they are fulfilling orders already in the system. That is why guys are getting them.
    If you are within driving distance to Anniston, Al or Port Clinton, OH you can drive to their stores or the CMP Talladega shooting range and purchase a rifle in person.
    When they get caught up CMP will start taking orders again. It may be in a couple of days, weeks or months. You have to keep checking their sales page.

    Welcome to the forum.
    Looking for SA bayonets 922033 & 1045220


      Thanks for the answer. Hope its soon!


        Service Grades back in stock