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    Duff's Red Book

    I've been playing the M1 game for over 40 years. Whenever a new M1 book came out I picked it up. When I bought my red book of Duff's, I noticed an anomoly with it. The jacket is for the red book, the content is about the WWII rifles, but the actual book cover is marked for the post-war Garands. I was told it's a collector's piece as very few were made this way. Has any one else experienced this "screw up"? Just wondering. Also, for those of you who have the red book, on page 101 is a copy of a first-hand account letter about the T26 rifles from one of Dad's fellow "troopers" whom I had the honor of meeting and stayed in touch with. It was I who gave that info to Scott and yes, I stil have the letter. It is printed in its entirety. My late father was in the 503rd PIR in the SWPA theater and actually had one of the T26 rifles. Dad passed over 40 yrs ago and the only thing I remember him saying about it was that it was a standard M1 rifle with an 18" barrel. I'd sure like to be able to talk to him about it now.
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    I just pulled out the Red Book and read about it. Cool.