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Bolt tilt?

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    Bolt tilt?

    In examining and learning about my new (to me) M1 Garand, I see that as the bolt moves rearward, at a certain point the rear end of the bolt moves downward, basically following the downward slope of the top rear of the receiver. The point at which the rear of the bolt starts to angle down seems to coincide with the point at which the shoulder of the case being extracted clears the chamber. The angle of the bolt also seems to match the angle of the empty case at this point. Is this tilting down of the rear of the bolt a design feature to ensure maximum ejection force by keeping the ejector spring at maximum compression as the case angle changes when the shoulder clears the chamber? Is there any other reason for this downward tilt of the bolt as it moves rearward? I noticed this same thing decades ago on my Ruger Mini-14, but never thought to ask about it until now.

    I also notice that the face of the ejector is angled. I read on the Internet that it is supposed to be like that, and the photos that I see show the angled face, but I could not find any explanation why it is angled.

    I am going on the theory that there is probably very little about these rifles (or any service rifle) that was not done for a specific purpose, such as enhancing reliable functioning, increasing durability, ease of use, ease of cleaning, ease of manufacture, etc.

    It flops down because it isn't supported. The action happens so fast that it probably doesn't have to drop down any way. You're over-thinking it (like most noobs do). The face of the ejector is beveled for a reason.