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Calling All Lend Lease!

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    Calling All Lend Lease!

    Hi there everyone I recently picked up a deactivated rifle in UK which turned out to be a British Lend Lease. Could not believe it.
    Anyway myself and some friends have decides to create a Facebook group with the aim of working towards creating a master list of all British Lend Lease M1 rifles which we come across.

    You can find the group on Facebook at:

    If you are not Facebook Savvy but would lke to take part please PM or email me at [email protected] with a pic of your rifle serial nunber along with the British Lend Lease Stamps -

    1. Barrel on right side at date or left sode in front of front Handguard.
    2. Bolt on top (No matter how small markings) on right lug or at the front near the centre of the bolt.
    3. Receiver ring above chamber area.
    4. Any evidence of red paint.
    5. Any black Sunkorite paint finish which maybe left on your M1.

    6. Please give as many pics or as clear a description of all the parts your m1 has including codes and any data sheets which you may have created.

    Thank you!