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.308 M1 Garand: what commercial ammo?

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    .308 M1 Garand: what commercial ammo?

    Hey fellas,

    I am new here in the past few days. I am slowly learning more about my M1 Garands.

    I have a Winchester National Match M1 which is chambered in .308. I bought it about 35 years ago from the shop in my area that was closing down. It has a stainless steel Krieger barrel and is glass bedded.

    when I bought the rifle it came with a couple hundred rounds of hand loads in .308.

    I did take it to the range many years ago and it has incredible accuracy. I still have a few hand loads left and I haven’t shot this thing in years.

    unfortunately at this stage of my life I still don’t own any reloading equipment. Besides I don’t have the space for it. In a few years we are planning to move to a very conservative area in the south. I plan on having a workshop where I can have reloading equipment.

    But for now are there any commercially available rounds that will function well in a .308 caliber M1?


    Your National Match should be chambered to tighter tolerances. Go to and there is a sticky thread under the Ammunition forum about specs for .308/7.62 . If you don’t know the headspace on your rifle you may want to have a gunsmith check it. An email to CMP will get any questions answered if your still unsure about ammo.


      Any commercial ammo is safe in the 308 garand as long as you stay under 178 gr bullet. It is not ammo sensitive as the 30.06 garand
      If you can afford it Federal Gold Medal Match will give you good accuracy


        I checked out the remaining bullets in the box with the hand loads (That came with the rifle). The brass is stamped “.308 WIN IMI”. I know that the “IMI” I stands for is Israeli Military Industries. I remember years ago it was desirable brand ammo for the AR-15‘s.