I have an M1 OD3 khaki cotton canvas sling with a twist and can't ID it. This one has a "C" metal tip on the end like early M1 carbine slings. Web material and weave feels and looks "right", flat keeper looks and feels "right", and the adjuster buckle is the "tight" WW2 style and also looks and feels right. Everything about the sling compares to known original US WW2 M1 slings.
Source of this sling. From 1969 to closing in 1982 I was a member of a Navy Youth organization that was incorporated in 1941, run by Navy Vets. Our equipment was all donated from the US Navy to include several thousand Parris Dunn training rifles with a mix of M1907 and M1 slings. During my time with them starting in 1969 NO new equipment was acquired, so this sling has been around for a long time.
Has anyone ever come across an M1 1 1/4" wide web sling with a "C" tip on it and have definitive info on them??? TIA