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Rear Sight Elevation Assembly Pictorial

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    Rear Sight Elevation Assembly Pictorial

    Just thought I would share some info on how you can rebuild rear sight elevation pinions "if" you can find the parts and have the tools. The drums are next to impossible to find and are the part that wears out. If the detent/tit is not sharp it will not engage the receiver serrations and will only hold elevation if overtightened and will be very hard or impossible to turn the knob .
    These are a set of Danish Elevation assembly tools that was graciously given to me by a friend

    Setting the pinion in the disassembly holder tool with the disassembly tool on top. A sharp tap with a hammer disassembles the pinion

    This knocks out the cone shaped dog retainer which holds the assembly together

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    Next set the pinion in the assembly tool, and set a new dog retainer on top of the drum. Notice the notch on the tool, the detent/tit on the drum must set in the notch so you do not crack the drum

    Set the assembly tool on top of the retainer and drum and give a tap with hammer. Be careful when doing this, even with the right tools you can crack the drum.I usually put alittle grease on the washer, and give several taps instead of one big tap
    The pinion is now assembled and good as new.
    If anyone has any they want to sell or knows where I can find any good elevation drums please PM me
    Thanks guys


      I am looking for a large quantity of broken ,worn out elevation knobs.The drums can be cracked and have flat detents, all I need is the wave washer and dog and screw out of them.
      I am only looking for a quantity as just a few are not worth the cost of shipping .

      These parts are actually all I need but will take complete worn/broken pinion


        ran across this looking for an exploded diagram of the t105 barrel assembly. Had the barrel crack as you said above, downside was parts fell on the mat I was shooting from. I ordered a replacement kit.. but am trying to figure out the order the bits need to go in. Found most of what I was looking for at ammogarand by the way, if you're still looking for the parts as well.


          Thanks for the tip but I am looking for USGI parts not repros