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    PPU Garand specific ammo

    I went to my dealer to buy some of my usual PPU 30.06 the other day. He had it, however he also had some with slightly different packaging which reads "for M1 rifle Garand".

    Just wondering if anyone knows if there's actually a different between it and regular PPU 30.06?

    Oh, it's €2 a box more expensive. It seems to shoot exactly the same. I'm guessing it's loaded slightly under pressure to match M2 ball but then I thought that's the way the regular stuff was loaded. I feel like I should run it out of the wish to care for the rifle but an extra €20 per 100 is a lot if it's the same thing in a different box.

    All the PPU 30-06 I buy comes in the can that says for M1 Garand rifle.


      Good question and am wondering the same. The local gun shop owner claimed it was the same, but I don’t know if he’s correct. They may both be 150 gr, but I’m guessing the Garand-specific ammo might be loaded with the faster burn rate powder so as not to affect the gas cylinder pressure too much. It would be interesting to see if PPU has the specifications showing the distinctions, if any, between the two.


        PPU ammo marked "For the M1 Garand" is GTG. Shot 50 rounds thru mine this past weekend without issue.


          If cost of ammo is an issue (usually is for most folks) and you have some time available (often another issue) you can save a huge amount of money by reloading. While folks pan the 147gr FMJBT they are cheap and good enough for most target practice and plinking. Propellants can be gotten in bulk, and primers as well. I took up reloading many years ago when the income tax was instituted here. Prior to that I bought two cases of ammo a year; so I have a good supply of brass. (I was a DCM competitor.)
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            Smokey I'm with you for two reasons, one the supplies like 150 grain FMJ from Hornady, CCI large rifle primers and H4895 powder are reasonably priced. You can duplicate M2 ball with those with some real cost savings and relaxation time. Two I won't risk my rifle on some gun dealer who has no idea what they're talking about.

            The M1 needs a medium fast per projectile weight powder, reload or buy it labeled for the Garand.


              Unfortunately here in Ireland, reloading is so tightly regulated it's not worth doing. I did however contact ppu and got a definitive answer to my question.... I'll paste it below...



                Yes, they are differences between these two types of ammunition.

                Ammo FMJ 150 gr for 30-06 Springfield have a muzzle velocity near 885 m/s.
                Ammo FMJ 150 gr for 30-06 Springfield M1 Garand have a muzzle velocity near 838 m/s.

                Those changes are because of M1 garand rifles condition so that M1 can hadnle with new ammunition but
                with much more lesser powder charges.

                So ammo for M1 Garand have lower velocity than ordinary 30-06 ammo and of course lower pressures.

                NOTICE: Standard version is not safe for use from M1 Garand. They can make damage to to your rifle.
                For M1 Garand rifle use only PPU ammo where is stated: For usage from M1 garand rifles.

                I do not know answer about price but I think that price is same or little lower for M1 Garand.

                You can contact your local distributer for PPI ammo about price.

                If you have more questions, please forward to us.

                Best regards