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Questions about my refurbished stock!

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    Questions about my refurbished stock!

    Hello everyone! I hope you had a good 4th of July holiday! I decided to be a little extra patriotic this year and buy my first M1 Garand as ive wanted one since I started my WWII collection.

    My main question has to do with the stock, there's a hole on the bottom on the grip that looks like a place for some sort of attachment. I know that it was refurbished at the Springfield Armory at some point as denoted by the "SA B" marking on it. Does anyone know what this could be? I haven't seen any other Garands with it and I think I did a fair amount of research to say this isn't common.

    My stock was also marked to match the receiver serial number (it's a Winchester fun fact). I was also wondering if you could tell if that was done by the armory or some individual who had the gun before me? I just thought this was interesting.

    My last question has to do with the barrel. Immediately after the front foregrip there's a piece over the barrel stamped "4". Any idea what marking this correlates to?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and consider my questions! I'm so excited to test this at the range and it a pleasure to finally have one!

    Keep calm and ping on!
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    If the serial number on the stock matches your rifle it means that after your rifle was refurbished at the Springfield Armory it was a Danish rifle and was returned to the states later. The circle cut out for a disc and the serial number addition are typical modifications made by the Danes. The number on the gas cylinder is a process/inspection number used during production. It may have been/was used to identify/record various finishing techniques used during production cycles. I’m sure others will add more relevant information. Regards


      Thanks for the reply! I wasn't aware of Danish modifications, so I'm glad you pointed that out!