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Questions about my stock (pictures)

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    Questions about my stock (pictures)

    Hello to all. I’m a new guy to the forum and enjoy reading all the posts. I just recently bought a Springfield and have a couple of questions about the stock. The rifle itself is a mixmaster and the stock is very nice looking. I believe refinished by the previous owner? My questions concern the cartouche. Original or no? Your comments appreciated.

    Original cartouche - Dept of Defense stamp. P in circle is original proof stamp. P in square rebuild proof stamp.


      Sometimes these stocks can be pretty interesting to figure out history on and Springfield doubly so because they used Production-looking stamps when doing rebuilds, going waaay back. For example, I have seen quite a few Springfield stocks with SA/NFR Carts that were Rebuild stampings and thought to be from NFR production. Same applies to the DAS stamped stocks.

      The appearance of age difference between the Serif P in Circle (Springfield) and the P in a Square (Red River Army Depot) makes me believe the Circle P and 1/2" DAS might also be a Rebuild Stamp from Springfield applied in the 1960s.

      Is there any sign of glass bedding on the wood surfaces that the Trigger Group rest on when installed? That is a pretty common 1960s Springfield Rebuild trait if there.

      The stock shape from what I can see looks to be SA and may have had a long, traveled life.

      In either case it is a legitimate GI Acceptance Stamp.

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        rob30-06 Here are a couple of pics of the trigger group area you asked about.


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          Thanks for the photos confirming that this is actually a rebuild stamped stock from Springfield (and a nice-looking one at that). This type of lockup repair seems to be unique to Springfield from what I have observed over the years.
          Most other arsenals added wood in this area to repair/improve lockup.
          I think this is much neater.

          Is there an outside chance that your rifle has an etching on the right side receiver leg? If there, it might be hard to read since whoever did the inspections at Springfield had terrible penmanship. It would typically be SA followed by month/year.

          very nice, overall

        That looks like at least a partial bedding job. If nothing else you should have a good tight lockup with the trigger group. Can't see if the rear receiver has been bedded for the recoil.

        BTW, don't see any grease on the rifle. You should go over everything with grease.
        Check this out.
        White lithium grease or automotive chassis or wheel bearing grease work fine if you don't have the "official" stuff.
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          Okay, thanks Smokey

          Rob, no etching on the right side receiver leg
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