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Question; what is your favorite rifle?

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    Question; what is your favorite rifle?

    OK, here is a question or two for the crowd, first; what is your favorite Garand (pics if your have them), and I would understand if you cannot narrow it down to just one as some guys have a favorite tack driver and then their favorite for rarity or originality or condition or one they restored themselves or just one that looks the best. It is probably a separate question but along the same line of thinking; what is it that you would love to acquire yet.

    I know too that this all also changes over time, but this morning I was wondering just what are your favorite Garands currently.

    Good question, and I've had a few that were nice. I'm partial too post-war rifles as I am a shooter first collector second. I guess I'm a shooter that likes nice and almost correct rifles that actually get used, my current M1 is in the 5.4mil range. It does have a high percentage of correct parts for its production/vintage minus a few small items like the SA77 non-NM marked op-rod, new Navy 3/66 dated barrel, NM sights and Burch stock and a whole ton of work when putting it together making sure it was right the first time.

    Its wears three hat's all at the same time. What if SA made a 7.62mm M1 for the masses? My own personal Navy MkII that was never in Navy inventory, and its my ATC stand by rifle to my M1A if it stumbles, however it is my #1 reduced match go to rifle.

    Here is a older pic, if you want info on the details or more pics give a shout out.

    Sorry the pic won't expand like I wanted it too, but if you want more give a holler.......

    Click image for larger version  Name:	GetAttachment (219x123) (219x123).jpg Views:	2 Size:	8.3 KB ID:	14874

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      My favorite rifle as a somewhat collectable rifle is a SA correct Dec 1941

      My favorite "shooter "rifle I assembled from a Navy Garand barreled receiver CMP sold years ago. Nothing special, just a great shooter

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        I have 4 and can't pick one over the others. They're all my favorite. The only toy I'd like to add to my toy box would be a Johnson rifle.


          My, my correct post war SA...uh, my correct HRA, 80% correct Winchester, dang, maybe my IHC SA rebuilt match rifle Navy 7.62 NATO Winchester. But, I'm certain my Krieger barreled M1 isn't my least not until I develop match loads for it. Then maybe it will be the one.


            But, my all time favorite vintage rifle is the 3-43 unissued, unfired (except for proof) Remington 1903A3 that has resided in the far back corner of my safe for the last 5-6 years. Truthfully, none of my Garands even compare IMHO.


              I remember waking up after dreaming about an M82. My first thought was, 'Crud, that is gonna cost me'. ‚Äč

              There is something about originality for me, though - it really is like time travel. I was privileged to watch my Uncle go back to Monte Casino when I handed him a Garand (that I just happened to have at my knees under my desk); "I haven't seen one of these since I was 19", he said as a glow came across his face. He told me stories he had never told anyone, ...

              Early pieces are special because when you really study the Garand you begin to understand that there was some hidden hand, Skull and Bones or something, that was guiding the whole program - when there was no money to continue development, the program would have life breathed into it again and again, until finally we had the first viable shoulder fired, semi-automatic, high-powered rifle for the average infantryman. For that reason, holding even just a Model Shop hammer in my palm, that was made when the program was all but over - again - and knowing that it turned into a game changer in my Uncle's 19 year old hands, ... and that part was there at the start, ... whew.

              But shooting is where you really begin to appreciate the art and the symphony of the rifle, understanding each individual part sometimes fulfilling several functions. Reaching out accurately as far as most can see and dumping expended brass in a neat little pile. All the more amazing given when and how it was made - designed by someone with no formal training, built with techniques that are no longer known on machines that no longer exist by people who made it all happen often with nothing more than sheer force of will - as much as it is the first of its kind, it is at the same time the last of its kind. There will never be another like it because it can and will never happen again.

              My first Garand was an IHC doorstop - so bad it is amazing I ever bothered with another. The barrel was so gone on both ends that the only way you could see rifling at the muzzle was there was slightly less pitting, and when fired it was so roached out at the throat that it split the cases longitudinally from the base forward (without a misfire, ... !!!). Without knowing much of anything and with nothing more than dumb luck and a supremely robust design, I dove in and restored/rebuilt it into not only a correct rifle but also one of my very finest shooters (LMR barrels help though, eh, ...). I could take it apart and double my money right now but just do not have the heart. Not the prettiest by a long shot but beautiful in its own right.

              I know this is like asking which of your kids is your favorite, but I guess I am just trying to see what folks find exciting today. What keeps your juices flowing?


                I've never shot a 7.62 Garand - are they different?


                  IMO they are a real joy to shoot, recoil is different, hard to explain. Seems to be more accurate, cant say if its the rifle/caliber or the difference in recoil that makes the difference in accuracy


                    I think whatever rifle I am holding at that time is my favorite rifle.

                    However, My 4 mil Sept 1953 with a tiger striped stock and hand guards is my best looking rifle

                    Probably my coolest rifle is the one that I got autographed by "Wild Bill" Guarnere ay the Allentown Gun show about 8 years ago.

                    Looking for SA bayonet 1045220


                      OK, that one gets its own display case, ...


                        Originally posted by Bodyman View Post
                        I've never shot a 7.62 Garand - are they different?
                        Oh, yea!!! And about the best way I can describe the shooting difference is more akin too going from a .45 1911 then stepping down too a 1911 in 9mm for recoil.


                          My favorite is my "corrected",and worn looking Win-13,it's close second is my first M1.My first M1 is a 523,000 receiver,and I took my first Whitetail buck with it(was always just a mulie buck hunter).