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    Rifle Range Logbooks

    I've mentioned in another post that I bought an M1 from CMP last fall ser # 5895---. I was curious to see how close the number was to either M1 that I was issued while in the Corps. Among my mementos from my enlistment I found two rifle range qualification logbooks that had two different M1 ser numbers in them. If I understand correctly the one that I recently purchased was from '55-'57. My first logbook is dated 14 Feb '59 and the rifle #was 5111815. So it was a little earlier than the one I have now. The other logbook is dated 25Aug'61 and the ser # was 4373378. I had hoped that I could find all of my range logbooks but that was not to be. My first M14 was issued to me in '63 I believe but can't find record of it. It was kind of fun to go back down memory lane for awhile. Another tidbit that I found among this memorabilia was a W-2 form from 1960. I was overseas aboard the USS Taconic, AGC-17 at the time and the years wages were a whopping $1136.16! I'd be curious to know if anyone might have an M1 with a ser# close to either of these mentioned.

    I checked all of mine and no go