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    Garand Storage

    Hello fellow Garand lovers, hopefully what I have to ask is a fairly in/out topic.

    In the fairly near future, I plan on purchasing an M1 Garand from the CMP, specifically the "RM1SPECIALFIELD" as a low-volume shooter, of course if they still have them by the time I have the money. Sometime afterwards, I also will obtain a 10 long gun security cabinet to stuff in my closet to hold what I have now plus future purchases.

    However, it feels to be a bit of a shame to simply stuff it into a dark cabinet to only see the light of day during the occasional re-lube or the range session. I would like to set it in a winchester cleaning stand that I have on a shelf along with my other collected items over the years. The room for the vast majority of the year is climate controlled with very low humidity, partly because the company who installed it couldn't ever get the humidifier to work. When the windows are open, it's during mid-late fall and early spring.

    All that being said, would I run any kind of risk damaging this rifle if I left it sit out? My current production Windham AR15 doesn't care, and I wouldn't think an old war rifle would either, but they are older than me.

    What are your opinions?

    The garand is not a fragile rifle. If the garand survived mud, snow, rain, ice, bombs, hand grenades, etc, I am sure it could survive sitting in a climate controlled room.
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      The risk you run is having it right out in the open available for theft.


        im fortunate mine gets out almost everyday never have that problem


          Sorry for the late response. Lack of care is one of the most sad things we see, and most preventable - there is nothing that can replace responsible care. Appropriate care is always necessary, but for added protection during long term storage I like the silicon impregnated soft sleeves with velcro. They used to be inexpensive (like 8 or 9 bucks) and I had a buddy that sold them so I bought a small box and have been using them ever since. Sorry, I have no idea what brand the ones I have are (or even if they are still in business) but Tourbon seems to make something pretty close to what I have; (can't seem to post a link).

          There may be better out there now but they are reasonably priced protection for something you care about.