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correct grade vs collector grade

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    correct grade vs collector grade

    found a very nice collector grade...H&R 4,700,000 serial # range....looks minty, full of cosmo.

    price is $2,000

    im deciding between a mint correct or a collector....the mint correct looks nicer and has a better ME #

    seems like the CMP ratings are just a rough estimate of where the gun can find a nicer Correct than a Collector....

    i would assume having a CMP paperwork saying collector makes it worth more?

    Collector would be classed as a prestine condition rifle with no flaws, almost unissued. Correct just means all the parts that should be there for the serial number are. Condition could be as expected for it's age. Very good but not always pristine with normal wear from use. A correct may have also seen one or more rebuilds where a collector may have never been rebuilt.

    It would be rare indeed to find a correct in as good a shape as a collector.