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Mr. Kalashnikov and The Gas Trap Garand !!!

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    Mr. Kalashnikov and The Gas Trap Garand !!!

    This incredible photo shows Mr. Kalashnikov himself holding a copy of Mr. Billy Pyle's The Gas Trap Garand book. Apparently, Mr. Kalashnikov was a great admirer of John Garand and the M1 Rifle. The book was translated into Russian, as he speaks no English.

    Kalashnikov - born 11-10-19; died 12-23-13

    Photo taken April 1999

    Kalashnikov was a very popular figure in Russia and received lots of perks and gifts sent to him nearly all of which he donated to a museum established for this purpose in Izhevsk where he worked and lived.

    Makarov stated that Kalashnikov refused to give up the Garand book to the museum and instead kept it in his personal library. This was a very rare occurrence and Makarov congratulated R. Blake Stevens and Billy Pyle indicating how valuable Kalashnikov felt the book was.

    Many thanks to Mr. Billy Pyle for allowing me to post this photo on the forum.
    Photo not for use without expressed written permission from Mr. Billy Pyle himself.

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